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CCNO Board Meeting

STRYKER – New buses will be purchased while the electronic monitoring program will increase supervision following Wednesday’s meeting of the Corrections Commission of Northwest Ohio.

Board members authorized the purchase of a new 48-passenger bus as well as a 15-passenger van.  Costs were estimated at $145,000 for both vehicles.  It was noted that the van has high mileage while both vehicles are becoming more unreliable with breakdowns.

Dennis Sullivan, CCNO Director of Security and Operations, informed board members that the electronic monitoring program is being reviewed and updated.  He said EMU specialists will be going out more frequently to homes to conduct verifications.  The number of participants on EMU is increasing as well as revenues, said Mr. Sullivan.

In his operational report, CCNO Executive Director Jim Dennis said Wednesday’s population stood at 521 or 82 percent.  The population dropped to an average of 509 or 78 percent in December and averaged 527 or 83 percent in January. 

Mr. Dennis said eight new officers were hired and started Jan. 24.  They will be on a one-year probationary period.  It was noted that 250 people tested for the eight positions.

The automated telephone information system was implemented last week, said Mr. Dennis, which provided information to 231 outside calls in a four-day period.  He also noted that 677 offenders accessed the system in that same time frame to obtain information about their charges, release date, and commissary balance.  The system provides callers with information about the status of an inmate, current charges, bond status, visitation procedures, commissary balance, projected release date as well as allows the caller to deposit funds in the phone and inmate trust accounts with the use of a credit card.  The system allows offenders to call and obtain the same information.

Mr. Dennis said CCNO is joining other jails in the state to create a statewide booking database with the help of the Ohio Court Network (OCN), Ohio Supreme Court.  Plans call for jails and courts to download information from across the state in regards to offenders to enhance security and assist courts.

Board members met in executive session for 10 minutes to discuss a pending investigation, union negotiations and an unfair labor practice.  No action was taken.




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